About Me

On a personal level, really, my life is not my own. My biggest desire is to do what I’m purposed to do day by day. Tomorrow, I hope to be doing something that I’m supposed to be doing for that day. I believe purpose unfolds sometimes differently for us each day. Every day we are invited to walk by faith and not by sight. We are invited to hear the voice of God and follow Him each day as He instructs us. Right now, I’m writing this blog for you who is reading. And that is my purpose at this very moment. But I do have plans. I am positioning myself to honor God everyday with my substance and surrendered life as a Shepherd alongside my husband and working towards building a relaxed and happy future with my family. Right now, we have two teens still in the house and one in college. They still depend on us, so we continue to build for them as the Lord leads. I am building an Etsy business that I love; and have a few ideas for new writing projects that I will begin in summer of 2022.