Don’t Worry about a Thing, You’re Gonna be Ok

Have you ever had one of those Mondays? You know, the kind that threatens to ruin the rest of the week! 

I woke up singing a song titled “You’re Gonna Be OK” by Jen Johnson. Then I heard the song “Don’t Worry about a Thing” by Bob Marley. I was happily getting ready for work and thinking about the events of the day before. As I began to descend the stairs of my split-level home, the heel of my shoe got caught in the carpet and I began to fall, face first! In those split-seconds I thought to myself, if I try to adjust and move my feet I will surely break a leg, so just go with it. Right before I hit the tiled floor, I managed to slightly move my shoulders so as to land on my side and not on my face.  Gravity did it’s thing and pulled my head down hitting the ground hard but I believe, judging by the bruise on my shoulder that my shoulder broke my fall.

I went to the ER since I started to feel pressure and numbness on the right side of my face and head. My knee, hurt, as well as my ankle, and my arm was banged up pretty bad. Thankfully none of my bones broke. My ego on the other hand, was crushed! LOL. 

At the ER the doctors ordered a CT Scan and found the parotid gland mass (a tumor on or near one of the saliva glands) on the left side of my neck. There is a mass growing there that I was sure was shrinking and going away. The ER Doc proceeded to advise me to go see the ENT specialist and follow-up on the mass. He said as soon as possible. When I got home and read the report, I saw that the mass was growing. It has grown several cm (like 7 mm) which can become a serious problem down the road.

Did I fall because I had a freak accident or was this one of those things that God uses to help us when we are in trouble? 

My dad sent me a text saying this is so you can take that mass more seriously and go follow-up with the doctors. 

In my morning devotional time, before I fell down the stairs, I had read the Proverbs 13:10 which says, “Wisdom opens your heart to receive wise counsel, but pride closes your ears to advice and gives birth only to quarrels and strife.”

I understood what needed to happen. I needed to reschedule the Follow-up appointment I had missed back in January of 2023. When preparing to reschedule the Follow-up appointment, I remembered a dream I had 3 nights prior, where I found myself in a line to receive a FREE Physical Exam. To the right of me was one of my College professors at a desk looking at me and taking notes, as if to say what will you do. I sat at the examination chair and the doctor right away began to examine my neck. She finds the mass and asked me “have you seen someone about this?” I tell her yes and she asked what did they say it was. I told her and she said, “I need you to go back and get this resolved, I know what this is.” She seem very reassuring, like “this is serious but you are going to be alright!” Go back and get this thing resolved, quickly.

Why am I sharing this dream with you?  

Well, there are several lesson we can learn from this.

  • Do not procrastinate 
  • Listen to your dreams, God is speaking all the time. ( The day I had the dream I had determined that I would make an appointment but I got caught up in busyness so I never scheduled the appointment.)
  • God’s mercy and love for us reached us when we need it. He sees you and knows you. He Knows exactly what we need.   
  • When we are unaware HE is. He was speaking to me all morning prior to the fall. (something is about to happen, but don’t worry, everything will be ok. You’re going to be ok.) 
  • When God speaks to us with warnings and guidance we can rest in knowing that He has a plan. Walk with Him in it. If he says Don’t worry then we don’t need to worry. The process will be rough, but we have a promise: Everything will be alright! 

This mass will be gone. And my relationship with Christ will be even stronger because I saw Him in my process. Beloved, as you go through the processes in your life, know that God is with you. He promised you somethings, keep your eyes on the prize. And listen. Listen carefully to the voice of the Lord. Pay attention to the songs that rise up in your spirit. Pay attention to the dreams, visions or even what your kids say randomly. Listen to your mom and dad, God is still speaking to them about you. Hear with intentionality for the messages of God through your loved ones and most importantly through His written word. Read your Bible. 

I pray this testimony of my fall (LOL) has blessed you.

PS Pray for me as I undergo the process of removing this pesky mass. 

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