Leadership & Depression

Dealing with depression as a leader was not easy.

Is it important for leaders to be vulnerable with those they lead?

The challenge is that if you are a leader, you are an influencer.  As a leader in my community, I worry that people would be influenced by the way I handle any situation. I struggled with being vulnerable and allowing myself to be transparent because I knew little eyes were watching me.
When struggling with depression while being a person of influence, I believe it is important to be vulnerable with the people you serve, however, as a leader or a person of influence, we must be careful to find healthy, proven solutions that will help others while you help yourself. Always being careful to not dump on the people you serve, but rather invite them to walk with you in the process. As you learn you pour out what you are learning.

If you are not growing and learning or not in the right place to lead others it’s best to seek help in your process, stabilize your own heart first and then reach out to help others.

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