Fill this Room

All prayers are important and God hears all of them. However there are some prayers that quickly shift the atmosphere. Some call these prayers “Prayers that Avail Much” or Strategic Prayers or Prayers that touch God’s heart. Today as I prayed, this poetic prayer flowed out of my spiritual heart. As I sang this, I instantly felt the room fill up with the presence of God.

He came. He met me there where I was. He soothed my soul and restored me in that very moment. 

I am convinced that there are prayers that touch God’s heart and move Him in such a way, that no demon or distraction can stop you and I from having an experiential encounter with the One who is Holy, The One whose life we need everyday.

Pray this prayer with me and let me know how He meets you there…where you are…now.  

Holy Spirit, fill this room,
Holy Spirit, I need You.

Teach me Lord, how to pray,
Show me now what to say.

Lead me Spirit, in the holy way,
That I may never go astray.



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