My Summer Sanctuary

This summer I have spent much of my free time in my backyard, my patio. My patio has become my sanctuary, it has become my respite.
After an emotionally, long and difficult season, I have found that this Summer the outdoors beckoned me. I’ve never been an outdoorsy person, so I was impressed when I found myself spending hours outside.

My Summer Sanctuary

My suburban yard is green and vast yet, rustic and welcoming. Sometimes it feels like I’m in the woods. The sound of the birds, insects and scampering squirrels soothes my soul, and every night at dusk, my backyard becomes a deer crossing.
My senses have learned to enjoy and welcome the smells of nature. The ashy firepit, and the fresh cut grass sets a relaxing atmosphere, preparing me to sit quietly in my chair, and the trees invite me to empty my mind. The Sun comes in through the trees and reminds me that I am never alone.

In my patio, after taking several deep breaths and emptying myself of the worries and concerns of life, I have felt heard, seen and understood.
Being outside has helped to connect me more to my creator. I have received answers to prayers through the wind and spontaneous sounds that happened just at the right moment, for example, I ask Jesus, “do you hear me?” and the wind blows. It’s the little things for me that fill my heart with joy and hope.
I’m going to really miss the outdoors when winter comes. I live in Northeast Ohio, our weather is mostly cold. A sanctuary can be anywhere, I have one inside, however I have a new found love. I’m guessing when winter comes I’ll have to find a spot near a large window inside my home to sit quietly, declutter my mind and speak to the One who knows me best.

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