Writing Heals

Do you keep a journal or diary? Do you write as a creative hobby?

Writing has become an important part of my life.

I was asked recently why do I write? I answered, “Connection”.

When I write, I get emotional and sometimes I cry with joy because I realize at that moment, that I am fully connected, engage, and in synergy with my true self and and most importantly my Creator, the one who put a love for words and design in me.

I also teach and preach at my church, and when I write out my sermons I especially feel connected to God. He is the One I lean into to hear for the people.

In these occasions when I write, I sit and listen and I’m focused.

Focus and stillness are happy places that I wish the world could experience and appreciate. You are connected and nothing else matters as much as what you are focused on at the moment.

To Connect is to Heal

Connection is also super healing. I recommend that if you are experiencing a hard time and need to vent, try writing. It can be very healing. No one has to see it! Just sit and write down everything you feel. In my experience, when I write down my emotions I begin to get a better understanding of what’s at the root of the problem.

I can step back and see the bigger picture! And when you see it, you can decide what to do about those little things (because it’s all small stuff). You can decide if those little foxes are going to spoil your life or not. The Bible says in Songs of Solomon 2:15, that you should catch those little foxes because they will spoil the vineyard.

The vineyard is your place of beauty and harvest; it can be that place that you worked so hard for. Your Job, your family, your mental health, your physical health or financial health.

The little foxes are the things you worry about and ultimately anything that robs you of joy and peace.

Here is why writing can be healing to some: 

  1. Writing can help you sort through your emotions.
  2. You can discover the root issues (little foxes) that are causing you pain.
  3. Writing can also unleash the creativity inside of you and strategies for overcoming your hardships especially if you pray and seek the Lord through it.
  4. Seeking God and inviting Him to lead you in writing can heal your heart as you connect with Him. After-all, who knows you better than God Himself?

I hope you find time to write about it today.

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