Psalm 51:15


Have you ever felt silenced? I mean, everything in you wants to cry out but no words can form around your lips that adequately express the contents of your heart. I love that the Psalmist in the Bible left us with prayer hotkey in Psalm 51:15. This is a prayer that avails much! It gets …

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Fill this Room

All prayers are important and God hears all of them. However there are some prayers that quickly shift the atmosphere. Some call these prayers “Prayers that Avail Much” or Strategic Prayers or Prayers that touch God’s heart. Today as I prayed, this poetic prayer flowed out of my spiritual heart. As I sang this, I …

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Faith without works is dead.

Take the Risk?

My Mind is full of thoughts today.These thoughts are wide and tall. Too wonderful for me to understand, I doubt if they are important at all. There is a struggle and it goes like this: “Girl, your opinions do not matter!” vs. “Darling, the release of your heart’s sound to me is bliss”. The struggle …

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